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How to operate AGV car?

2018-12-25 15:21:29 點擊數:

AGV trolley operation instructions:


Before getting familiar with using AGV car, please remember the following points:


1. Before starting the AGV car, please pay attention to whether the car is in the middle of the guide line. If the position is incorrect, please turn off the power supply and push the car to the middle of the guide wire before starting the car. The head and tail of the car are divided into two parts: the head and the tail are equipped with LCD screen, and the other side is the tail. The starting of the car must ensure that both the head and tail are on line. That is, the guide line is in the middle of the head and tail, and the left and right deviations can be positive or negative 10CM. After starting, the car will automatically adjust the head and tail to make it in the best position.


2. Before starting the AGV car, please check whether the red stop button at the top of the car is pressed. If it is in a tight stop state, please rotate the stop button to make it pop up.


3. Rotate the key of the roof and start the car's power supply. If you hear "drop" a short tone and a blue welcome interface appears on the LCD screen, it means that the car started successfully. If you hear the long voice of "drip-" indicating that the car is not starting properly, please turn the key back to its original position, turn off the power supply of the car and wait for 5 seconds to restart the car until the start is successful. If more than three successive start-ups fail, please charge the car as soon as possible.


4. When the AGV car starts normally, the two yellow parking lights turn on for 3 seconds and then go out. A blue welcome interface appears on the LCD screen. The car enters the process of self-examination of the internal system. After a short self-examination, the car entered the normal operation state, waiting for the operator to carry out the next operation.


5. The lead-acid batteries in AGV car can work continuously for 6 hours. If the address card reading is not successful in normal operation or the car starting from the stop state is unsuccessful, please charge the car as soon as possible. The charging time should be guaranteed for 8 hours.


6. When charging an AGV car, it is necessary to tap the stop button and turn the key switch counter-clockwise to turn off the power supply of the car. Connect the charger plug to the power supply, insert the charger plug into the charging socket at the rear of the car, and turn on the charger power supply. The green charging lamp on the top of the car is on, indicating that the charging process is normal. To check the status of the knobs on the charger, the charging voltage must be 24V, and the charging current should be rotated clockwise to the maximum position. After 8 hours of charging, please check the ammeter pointer reading on the charger. When the pointer reading is less than 1A, it means that the charging process is nearly over. You can unplug the charger.


7. When the AGV car is running, after the car derails in an abnormal situation, please manually press the "Cancel" button to stop the car or press the stop button to turn off the power supply of the car. Push the car back to the guiding track and run again after the power of the car is turned off. The interior of the car provides derailment protection circuit. When the car leaves the track for 2 seconds, it automatically stops running. It also needs to turn off the power supply of the car and push the car back to the track.


8. Because of the limited space and the complicated map, the speed of the car should be in first and second gear as far as possible. When the AGV car is turning, please ensure that the speed is in first gear; when the car starts before and after parking, the speed must also be in first gear. When running in a straight line, you can choose two gears and try not to use three or four gears.


9. The path input table supports up to 27 paths. When entering paths on the car screen, pages can be turned through PAGE UP and PAGE DOWN buttons. The current page number appears at the top of the screen.


AGV car can be set remotely by computer or manually by car.

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