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Take you to know the characteristics and development history of truss manipulator

2018-12-25 15:10:56 點擊數:

Product features of truss manipulator:

Its characteristics are:

1. High efficiency - --- its axes run in a straight line at a very high speed, and can be quickly responded by servo motors;

2. Stability - - - minimal repeatability error, up to 0.05 mm;

3. High intensity - --- 7 x 24 hours work, no need to eat, sleep, smoke, etc.

4. High precision - --- positioning accuracy can reach 0.02mm (based on the cost of production, positioning accuracy can be enlarged according to the operating conditions);

5. High performance-price ratio - Compared with articulated robots, it has large load and low production cost, which is suitable for the basic national conditions of "China Intelligent Manufacturing";

6. Simple operation - based on Cartesian coordinate system, its motion parameters are relatively simple.

History of Truss Manipulator Development:

Manipulators were first developed in the United States, and they have been well used abroad.

In 1958, the United Control Company of the United States developed the first manipulator.

Its structure is: the body is equipped with a slewing arm, the top of which is equipped with an electromagnetic block of the workpiece grabbing mechanism, the control system is teaching.

In 1962, on the basis of the above scheme, the United Control Company of the United States trial-produced a NC teaching and reproduction manipulator. The business name is Unimate. The motion system imitates the tank turret, and the arm can rotate, pitch, telescope and be driven by hydraulic pressure. The control system uses magnetic drum as storage device. Many spherical coordinate universal manipulators are developed on this basis. In the same year, the American Machinery Manufacturing Company also successfully experimented with a robot called Vewrsatran. The central column of the manipulator can be rotated and lifted by hydraulic drive control system, which is also a teaching and reproduction type. These two kinds of manipulators, which appeared in the early 1960s, were the basis for the development of industrial manipulators abroad.

In 1978, the United States Unimate Corporation and Stanford University, MIT jointly developed a Unimate-Vicarm industrial manipulator, equipped with a small computer control, for assembly operations, positioning error is less than <1 mm. KnKa also manufactures a spot welding manipulator with joint structure and program control.

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